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Below you will find some of our current horses for sale and in daily traning at OWEC. They are tested for rideability, character, soundness and personality. These are horses we know well, and can tell you all about.


If what you are looking for is not shown on this page, please feel welcome to contact us with your wishes. We work closely with other breeders and riders in order to help match the perfect horse and rider combination.


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"First time I saw a Lusitano I fell in love and I knew, some day a horse like that would be mine. I had heard about Nadja Maria through a friend and I contacted her and asked her to help me find my first Lusitano horse.

It has been such a professional experience, and Nadja has been so nice to work with all the way. From finding my Lusitano, Horaga, to handling the papers and the payment, she has made me feel so comfortable troughout the process. Nadja Maria not only found the perfect horse for me, she also became my friend. Thank you."

-Camilla Palm Petersen, Denmark

Not all horses for sale make it on to this page because our mailing list with all horses coming up for sale informs potential buyers before the horses are advertised. Emails are sent as new horses come on file, so no spam just regular updates.


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Note! Our current selection of horses for sale will be updated with our new horses during October 2018


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8 year old PSL stallion, 169 cm, schooling FEI Small Tour level, has three gaits above medium with a very good natural suspension, fantastic walk and canter!

He is a willing, able and comfortable horse to ride. A very impressive stallion with a wonderful character, super easy to handle and take anywhere. Approved Breeding stallion with APSL 73 points.


Cat. €25-30.000

4 year old Lusitano stallion, 160 cm, basic ridden according to age, hacking out alone and with others, safe and very cool minded, beautiful gaits, perfect behaviour in all aspects! A rare find, a true gentleman with a great mind and impecable character. Truly a friend for life.


Cat. €>10.000


4 year old PSL gelding, 160 cm,

has been started under saddle in July 2018, very rideable with three lovely, regular and correct gaits. He is a very cool horse with lots of charme and personality, doesn't look at anything and goes anywhere alone and with others. A lovely horse for an amateur looking for a new best friend for dressage, WE or leisure.


Cat. €5-10.000

6 year old Lusitano mare, 166 cm, solid basic riding education, laterals and flying changes. This mare has three amazing gaits and is showing great rideability and is extremely talended. A mare that can take you to the top of dressage. Fantastic character and easy to handle.


Cat. € 20-25.000


7 year old PSL stallion, 164 cm, doing piaffe, all laterals, flying changes and schooling passage, very good gaits and a high degree of rideability and willingness. Perfect to handle from the ground and has a great character and is a very well behaved stallion. A promising prospect for the demanding rider.


Cat. €30-50.000





4 year old Lusitano stallion, 170.






Cat. € 50-75.000


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"This was the horse that gave rise to the Greek legend of the Centaur, at a time when man and horse seemed to blend together. The belief was that mares were impregnated only by the wind and thus gave birth to the “Sons of the Wind” the swiftest horses ever born"


"Natural ability to collect and predisposition for High Level Exercises. With great courage and rideability this is a horse suited for all the various disciplines. They are noble, generous and loyal to their rider."

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