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ONE WORLD - a unique approach


"One World" stands for training methods that open and combine the art of riding and communicating with horses from the various disciplines, becoming a center of knowledge-sharing and education.

'One World' means to communicate the knowledge of the best horsemen, it stands for an open mind which searches for a balance between human and horse needs. It applies training methods used for centuries by the Masters of riding that have founded horse riding disciplines as we know them today, and the natural communication with horses, where they are used not only for riding but also to teach people about themselves, and as therapeutic treatment partners.


Our team of Schoolmaster Lusitanos are trained to from PSG to GP level and selected for their ability to teach and their gentle character

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Our unique approach to training and care gives your horse the best foundation for his future life as a riding horse

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An exclusive selection of Lusitano horses for sale at various ages and levels are available from our stables

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OWEC is about finding yourself as a person and a rider. We work separately with riders and owners to help them find their own balance as riders and handlers of horses. Besides being great teachers of riding, our Schoolmasters are also amazing mirrors and will teach you more about yourself than you can imagine. We create programmes for riders and horse-people who want to develop their skills and connect with the horses. We combine High Level dressage with mental training and modern knowledge in old bottles, and this balance is what makes our work unique.


To teach balance and freedom between horse and rider is an art sought for and needed in the equestrian world. It is a method that teaches horse and rider/owner separately, to ensure a mentally and physically balanced horse and owner, before they come together. Not only the rider's skills in the saddle, but also the communication in the non-verbal language between horse and human has to be developed. The body, mind and emotions of the horse come into balance due to our specific training and management. The - new - owner/rider will be provided with the skills to work the horse in the same balanced way. Only when both are in balance separately, true beauty and harmony can come into existence.


Portugal is a country that has stayed true to the origin of why they breed horses, why they ride horses and what they need and want from horses. The Lusitano breed has stayed original throughout centuries, and the same qualities are wanted in the horses today as they were hundred of years ago. Loyalty. Bravery. Intelligense and rideability. This is why the Lusitano today is one of the most sought after horses in the world, and why we have chosen Portugal as home to our center.

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