Our riding holidays are about learning new techniques, understanding the reasons why, and improving your skills to continue growing as a rider - also when you return home



We are specialized in helping horses and their new owners find each other and always have a wide selection of horses for sale with us. You can find some of them here

Join us here at OWEC to see a selection of horses based on your wishes. All shown at the same place for you to compare and be with the horses in all the sitiations you want to know how your new horse responds to.

Avoid driving around looking for horses and find them all in the same place. You can stay in our apartments and spend your days being with your potential new horse instead of driving all over the country.

We work closely with various breeders and have an extended network to help you find your perfect Lusitano.



Advanced means taking you to the next level - no matter which level you are at. Our horses are well trained and selected to be teachers for beginners and till the highest level so they can teach you all exercises up to Grand Prix.

Our programs are individually scheduled and tailored for all riders at any level. Only pre-requirement is a desire to learn and grow as a rider and develop your skills and techniques  with horses in the saddle and from the ground.

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It is a matter of a way of life. It's not a job. It's how we live

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